About me

A little about me:
My first name is Ketsada, middle name Winston, but some call me Kettle or Wonton (lol). I am male, of mixed asian ethnicity (mostly Thai/Lao), about 5'9 with blackish hair and brown eyes. I have a mix of straight and wavy hair. I am also rather thin as I have high metabolism so I can't really gain or lose weight. Born on February 29th, which is a leap year that happens every 4 years. I am a hobbyist and I've studied Mechanical Engineering at Mohawk College. I have an interest for 2D/3D drafting, carpentry, and arts & crafts in general.

Hobbies and Skills: 

My hobbies are cosplaying, dancing, Tetris, RPGs, Horror games, Rhythm games, schmups, track & field, challenging video games, and collecting figures. To be more specific I dance popping, locking, hiphop, and a bit of break dancing. I'll cover the video games further below. Track & Field was something that helped me build dedication and character as I grew up as I used to spend my high school class breaks running or jogging for at least an hour a day to keep fit. I like collecting figures as they are not only nice to look at but they also make for some good references. You can check my collection on MFC on the link below.

Cosplay History:
My cosplay history dates back to 2010 but I gained interest in props and costume making in 2008 when I first entered a high school Halloween costume contest and I was a typical anime enthusiast. I ended up making a cardboard Gundam costume for pure shits and giggles which ended up getting a lot of recognition and praise despite how ghetto it was. In 2008 I ended up going to my first anime convention, AnimeNorth, which sparked my interest further as I got to experience the cosplay culture. I was insanely pooped not wearing a costume that year but I guess that's how most con goers start. I didn't go to AN the year after due to illness but I went the following year. I went as Tatsumi of Ar Tonelico 3, a game that was released in Japan but not yet in the US. As expected it didn't get much love cause lets be honest, it was made in a week and the game was barely even heard of at the time. I ended up doing Gilgamesh of Fate Stay Night for AN2011 which got a lot more recognition and love. The costume came out pretty good for the amount of time and effort put into it although I was completely new to armor making and foam that year so i had lots to learn. As of now, I have experimented with many different cosplay crafting techniques and have a good understanding of armor and prop making.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 - Imca - AN 2012

Fire Emblem Awakening - Masked Marth - AN 2013

Fire Emblem Awakening - Gerome - AN 2014

Persona Q - Zen - Otakuthon 2015

Kantai Collection - Admiral - Otakuthon 2015

Video Games:

I own a PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PSVita, SNES, GBA, 3DS, and Wii U. I love JRPGs but I do play everything aside from many sports and racing games. My favorite games being Final Fantasy Tactics, FF IX, Legend of Dragoon, Digimon World, Dark Cloud 2, Atelier series, Star Ocean series, Lunar series, Fallout series, Shin Megami Tensei series, Valkyria Chronicles series, Fire Emblem series, and the Tales of " " franchise. I play a couple of bullet hells, including Touhou, Mushihimesama, Castle Shikigami and other various cave games. I'm big on horror games, specifically Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Dead Space, Siren, and Resident Evil. I am a fan of Level-5, ATLUS, Cave Ltd., Squaresoft, SEGA, Nippon Ichi Software (Nis), and Konami. I also play a shit ton of mobile games including Idolmaster Starlight Stage, LLSiF, Puzzle & Dragons, Fate GO, and Granblue Fantasy. I do play Kantai Collection and am slowly getting more used to it. I really enjoy challenging games and I'm also a trophy/achievement hunter. Other than that, I'm a pretty good player in competitive shooters and I also play a good amount of Tetris with a personal record of 40 lines in 1 minute 4 seconds, no holds. Rhythm games that I play include Idolmas SS, LLSiF, BeatmaniaIIDX (FP7), and a little bit of SDVX. My personal Tetris record is 40 lines in 1 minute 4 seconds, no holds. You can find me on playstation network or steam. I don't play league but I do play Smite from time to time. I am frequently on Overwatch as well.

Steam ID: legendarygurl
PSN: BBoyKetsu

Wii U: ketsada
BNET: Kettle#11578

My favorite music artist is the touhou doujin group FELT. Other artists/composers I like include Supercell, Hiroyuki Sawano, Pendulum, Clazziquai, Uplift Spice, Childish Gambino, Yeezy, EastNewSound, Cho PD, Tamaonsen, Nano, Drake, Pharrell, Alstromeria Records, MAN WITH A MISSION, Megumi Nakajima, Yanagi Nagi, 3L, Shoji Meguro, LiSA, Lotus Juice, Shibayan Records, Fripside, idolmas shit, SNOW HALATION, Lupe Fiasco, and more. I listen to mainly RnB, hiphop/rap, VG/Anime OSTs, mashups, and instrumentals/acoustics/orchestral, but i do listen to pretty much everything.

Favorite Artists: 

Redjuice, Hideo Minaba, Miwa Shirow, Kishida Mel, Kozaki Yusuke, Ilya Kuvshinov, Shigenori Soejima, Nidy2D, toi8, Akihiko Yoshida, Enami Katsumi, Takashi Takuechi, Tony Taka, Abe Taraky, and my sister Miranda Sivilay.

Where else to find me? 

Facebook: http://facebook.com/xketsada 
Youtube: http://youtube.com/xketsada 
Cosplay account: http://www.cosplay.com/member/188435/ 
Myfigurecollection: http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/xketsada  
Steam ID: legendarygurl
PSN: BBoyKetsu