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Anime North 2014 Con Report

With the end of AN2014 I can confidently say that this was by far the worst of my convention years. I know I normally bitch about one thing or two but this one is going to be a long ride so bare with me. Before I begin though I'd like to mention that the convention itself was alright and most of my negative experiences were mainly due to me and my own irresponsibility so I'm not exactly roasting AN in the general sense.

TL;DR: late all three days, missed the only event I planned to go to, and AN pulling some autograph BS. Never again.

So to start off, I ended up cosplaying two characters this year which happened to be Masked Marth of Fire Emblem Awakening for the Friday and Gerome from the same series for Saturday and Sunday. The cosplays themselves were in good shape but the problem to begin with was that they were another last minute and rushed which caused me and my friend to struggle nights before as well as the convention nights themselves trying to finish our costumes. By struggle I mean not sleeping at all Thursday night and getting 2 hours of sleep on Friday night.

I didn't even show up on time on Friday since we we're still trying to get shit done so I ended up arriving at AN around 8pm which is 3 hours late to when it started. We were worried that they would cut the ticket lineup because they did say they could do so at 8 but we managed to get our tickets easily and enjoy what little time we had. Now I have to complain that AN pulled some bullshit this year on me because this was the first time I had an interest in a guest which was Yumi Hara who voices Takane Shijou of the IDOLM@STERS and the first time I decided to go to get an autograph. I had already planned to get my CD signed by her on Friday because I didn't want to do so on the Saturday which was the busiest day (photo shoots, events, etc.), so upon lining up early for Yumi Hara at 9pm I got cut from the line along with others only to be told that Yumi herself only wanted 60 people. Now that's fucking bullshit cause like how do you accommodate 20k+ people by only allowing 60 people, and do take notice that it's supposed to be on for an hour. Didn't do much after, just went to check out Koa's new sound voltex controller and play some IIDX before I went home feeling like shit that I didn't get her autograph. Spent friday night slaving to help with my friends stahl as well as finish painting and putting together Gerome.

Gerome was done by 8 in the morning but I decided to throw in a last minute axe which was made an hour and a half just so I could have a weapon this year. So as we struggled to finish stahl we came to the conclusion that the armor could not be completed and that he'd just have to yolo the leg parts and consider it casual. The only event I had planned for the entire weekend was the fire emblem photo shoot because not only would a few of my friends be there but It's what I was working hard for this entire time. I had to go to this cause It was all I cared for other than to catch up with friends. So we left around 2pm and had to make a stop at walmart to get a shirt for my friend for his casual wear but by the time we arrived at AN it was around 3:10 and that was 10 minutes into the photo shoot. Upon this moment I realized I forgot 2 things, one was the hair spray and the other was the fabric that covers the eye parts for my mask. I couldn't do anything about it so I just threw it on anyways. I tried to rush to put my costume on but it took us a good 30 minutes and by the time we showed up the shoot was long over... so I was depressed for the entire convention. I was just disappointed that I couldn't get pictures with everyone and by the end of the day I could only find like 10% of those that cosplayed anything Fire Emblem. My convention got better though once I got to meet up with Amanda and Jason from Montreal who did an absolutely amazing Kill la Kill couples cosplay of Nonon and Inumuta. It was really nice being able to catch up and meet them in person. I was also able to catch up with my friend Edgardo who had recently been on his trip to Japan and was kind enough to bring me a gift straight from Japan itself as well as Reitaisai which is something I've always been interested in. He showed me some cool pictures of locations in Japan and soon enough I had to go about and make my way. Gerome took very minimal damage by the end of the day and only a few people recognized who I was and I can't blame them much for that.

Amanda as Nonon and Jason as Inumuta of Kill la Killa

Remilia coaster, youmu keychain and button pin, and a
charm from an actual Japanese Shrine. I really appreciate
the gift Edgardo, thankyou.

Sunday I slept in a little because lol how the hell do you expect me to wake up on time when I had 2 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours so we didn't arrive till 12:30. Now I did repaint Gerome and fix him up a little but more importantly I actually completed the mask by adding see through fabric that fit the eyes perfectly. Just as I left the house my mom calls me and tells me I forgot my mask so I head back to find out she put it in a bag so I was in a rush and threw it in the back and drove off. We were late mainly cause my mom wanted me to bring my little brother and have him wear my Marth costume. He wasted a bunch of time because he didn't try it on beforehand so It took him longer than expected. And then picking up zach he manages to somehow forget his glasses and I had to do a double take back to get them. Once I reach the convention I feel really good over the fact that I now have my completed Gerome aside from the shitty quick made axe. But to my fuking surprise the mask is cooked because lol plastic bag. Since it was made of worbla it basically heated itself out of shape and got all wrinkly to the point it wouldn't work. I was really disappointed and in that situation brought it anyways to use it as a posing prop. Before it would actually fit nicely on my face but now it was just completely cooked. So I spent the rest of Sunday at the dealers room, trying to take pictures and searching for w.e Fire Emblem cosplayers I could find. I met up with my friend Danrey at the panel where he took confession pics as well as a video of my Gerome. It was nice being able to catch up with him and hopefully one day he will have his Frederick done so we can do a group cosplay. After that I tried to enter the panel but apparently they were full so i stuck around in RWBY anyways before I went off. I finally managed to find Tommy who was cosplaying chuunibyou and ending up chatting a little so it was nice seeing him and meeting his girlfriend also. I was a little sad I didn't catch them both in their FE:A cosplays because his Owain and his girlfriend's Cynthia were amazingly detailed. So after this it was simply pics, tears, and killing time. There was one girl who fangasm'd hard over me because she loved Gerome and said nobody ever did him so I felt a little good to be able to have at least 1 admirer. Although I felt cheated a little because my little brother who wore my Marth got a lot more photo requests of him alone with me standing beside him and half of those people didn't even realize I was an existing Fire Emblem Awakening character. You'd hear "hey Marth! I love your costume and I'm a huge fan of FE! can I get your picture?" but wouldn't even recognize me somehow. Although some didn't know who Gerome was, a few others did and I can't blame casuals for not getting that far in the game or pairing off every character and getting every child. In the end I didn't care as much but I felt like shit for showing up all three days late and missing out the one event I had set to go to. Overall, truly disappointed and eternally depressed.

Tommy as Makoto and his girlfriend as Rikka of Chuunibyou

Me as Gerome and my brother as Masked Marth of Fire Emblem Awakening

This year has killed me pretty hard inside and it has made me realize that I never want to do another late cosplay again even if i need that extra day or two to finish. I'm going to play it safe and say If I don't make it by this day then fuk it, I don't go at all. This way I won't feel like shit for showing up with nothing and that I know it's my fault for doing this last minute. Definitely going to plan early and work early for w.e upcoming conventions and I know I tried saying that the past few years but this year it really struck me hard so I keep my word from here on. I'd like to say thanks to all the friends of mine who made this year worth going regardless of the shitty experience. For future conventions I have plans to attend Otakuthon since I want to be able to spend more time with my friends from outside the province and experience their home convention for once. I'll likely be bringing Gerome over and working on another cosplay, possibly Zen from Persona Q or another If I can manage. I'll also be attending ConBravo again since it's just downtown where I live. In terms of cosplay plans in general, I have nothing really set on my mind but I'm considering doing simpler cosplays or cosplays that aren't heavily armored so I'll have more freedom in relaxing as well as won't kill myself struggling to finish it. Or maybe more armor cause you can never have enough armor loool.

Gangrel of Fire Emblem Awakening

Chie and best girl Naoto of Persona 4

Female Tactician of Fire Emblem Awakening

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