Saturday, March 23, 2013

Artbooks Galore: Kozaki Yusuke, Miwa Shirow, Redjuice, Nidy 2D

I havn't been getting any figurines lately but within the past few months, I did get myself a few artbooks which I decided I should do a short review on and as to why I like these artists. I won't be posting the contents inside the artbooks since the internet already has most of them scattered around but basic information will be available. I will be reviewing them from left to right as shown in the image above and hopefully this review will be of use to some people.

Kozaki Yusuke's Fire Emblem Awakening Material Knights of Iris


This is the most recent art book I've picked up and likely my favorite as it contains everything Fire Emblem Awakening. Although this 300 page art book isn't fully Kozaki Yusuke's, this book contains about 60% of his art works, a little under 10% being fan art from other various artists, and the rest being the scenario archives (all in game chat scenarios). This book is mostly in Japanese, some English but mainly names and certain titles. For those who are wondering if this book will be getting an english release, there are no signs of it being localized and a very good chance it won't be. Costing about $60 US, this book will contain official artwork of the Fire Emblem Awakening characters, concept sketches of the character and weapon designs, event and story board illustrations, and the character profiles as well as additional illustrations. As to why I like this artist, It's really simple to say since Kozaki Yusuke's character designs are absolutely beautiful. Not only the detail on the face and body, but also the clothing design and the weapons. As a cosplayer who has a really hard time picking out characters that interest me, I can definetely say that Kozaki Yusuke makes it really easy to be impressed by nearly any character he can come up with.

Miwa Shirow's m3w-ver.10+CE

This art book I had to go through complicated 3rd party services to get since it was exclusive at comiket83. This book only contains 46 pages but with half the book containing really detailed colored work and the other half being in black and white. Costing about $25, this book mostly contains art work from the series DOGS: Bullets & Carnage which is a manga written by Miwa Shirow himself. I really like Miwa Shirow's artwork mostly for his DOGS works, since the character designs and style give off a really badass feel. More to say I like the hair and faces drawn by Miwa but It also impresses me how he portrays his characters and gives them unique poses and expressions which really make the characters stand out.

Redjuice's Neutral

For those who don't know, I am a huge fan of Supercell as well as a really big fan of Redjuice. This art book only contains 40 pages but it is well worth it and for the cheap cost of $25. This book contains a variety of colored works and some concept art. The book is a mix of Guilty Crown works, album covers and originals made by Redjuice. There is very little to explain why I like this artist because overall Redjuice makes amazingly detailed characters and backgrounds. He is incredibly talented in digital art, and he makes some very impressive science fiction themed work.

Nidy 2D's Pixel Philia 6

I picked up this art book along with Miwa Shirow's m3w-ver.10+CE, which they both were from comiket 83. The only difference with this book was that I was able to pick it up on for $25 making it a lot simpler than the other. This art book has 38 pages full in color and contains a mix of originals, mecha themed girls, vocaloid, and touhou works. Although this book contains a lot more lewd-esque (exposed, undergarments, and etc) images than I thought, 2D really excels in making cute and moe style characters. There wasn't as much touhou artwork but there were some really impressive originals. 2D is one of my favorites mainly for the fact that he makes very cute characters, he is skilled in a variety of styles and his touhou collection is pretty amazing.

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