Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Update - dance, video games, and cosplay plans.

So now that AN is over, there isn't much cosplay work for me as I might only be attending a single day at Fan Expo for the first time and I don't plan to attend any other anime conventions as I'm running short on monies and need to plan out my 3rd year of college. So what exactly am i doing these days? Well, I have been working on other things and hobbies. Mainly dancing, helping building the basement, and playing a bunch of video games along with trophy hunting on the PS3. I also started to work out a bit more and get my exercise as I haven't been doing so within the cosplay months. As for what games I am currently playing, I just recently beat and platinum'd Atelier Totori so now I am on to Atelier Meruru. I will later post a video review and comparison of the 3 games after I have played Meruru enough. Also on a side note I am training my IIDX skills and will be posting a review on my DJ DAO IIDX controller as it has been almost a year since I've had it.

As for dancing, I decided to put more time and effort into break dance and locking. My popping hasn't been improving much lately but I am still training that slowly. I set myself a 1 year goal so that I can push myself harder and compare my progress as of now and then. I wish I had someone else who was interested in learning with me as it could be a great help to learn with a friend. Anyways I will be posting dance videos again on my youtube account once I get everything settled.

For future cosplay plans, don't expect much at the moment. I'm really picky when it comes to costume choices and Its hard enough for me and my friends to all come to a reasonable group cosplay decision. I will be scoping out new animes and cool looking characters but I probably won't be getting down to working on it until I start working more. Currently I do have someone on mind to cosplay, which is Sousei Kurogami of Persona x Detective Naoto. I really like his design and he is the first male anti-shadow unit. Right now there is very little reference pics to work with and theres a slight chance the manga won't have enough to start it, so I can only hope. I'll leave a picture of the character below. Also if anyone has any cosplay suggestions then feel free to comment.

Sousei Kurogami on the Left next to Naoto <3