Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anime North 2012 - Imca of Valkyria Chronicles 3

So Anime North is now over and I haven't been posting much on the updates and such due to having been working nonstop in preparations for the convention which in the end worked out nicely. Here is a look at the complete costume with the weapon.
Photo taken by Robert Garant. Love this shot btw
Photo with Carmen as Sterk from Atelier series.
It was nice meeting her and her costume was amazingly made.


I have to say that this year's AN was alright excluding the retarded Friday lineup which didn't take me till around 9 PM to get my pass and that was with the convention actually doing something about the lineup. Had they not done so I would've gotten inside the con at 9:40 and then still wait on 7 loop lines inside... I arrived on the Friday at 6:20 PM also.

Saturday is always the best day as it is the longest day and has most of the best events. I attended Nis America Inc's panels and also got to meet and make new cosplayer friends which is nice. I got to meet Carmen which was really nice as she is one of the coolest and most badass cosplayers I know of, and trap worthy too xD. Didn't go to dealers room much due to weapon being insanely huge and an annoyance for crowds. Wearing uncomfortable boots with body armor on top of a turtle neck in blazing heat while carrying a 20 lb weapon all day isn't fun to be honest but the people loved it and I got quite a good amount of photo requests. I wasn't able to get a lot of photos myself since I couldn't carry the camera so I got a few of my friends to take pictures for me. I will include some of my favorite photos taken below. I didn't attend or watch the masquerade so I ended up going to the game room. Met an awesome AN worker who was a pro IIDX player and I got some nice tips from him. After a short bit I went to the Jpop Dance which I think at the time was DJ Shimamura's show. Wasn't my style of music due to more rave type music than Jpop so I left early.

For Sunday I had fixed up a few things but really ran out of tape and such to bring along so I was just testing my luck. I was only going to be at the con for about 7 hours anyways so partly why I was careless. My costume was dying near the end of the event and I felt a little bad that people were rushing photos and had to catch some of my beat up parts. This day consisted mostly of dealers room in which I actually was going to buy a 2 for $35 pillow deal (not daki lulz) which they had a Guilty Crown and Madoka. Upon not taking debit or credit I had to line up at an ATM which 2 out of the 3 machines ran out of cash. AND TO MY GOD DAMN SURPRISE RIGHT WHEN I WAS 1 PERSON AWAY TO MY TURN THE MACHINE BUSTS, so in the end I was like k f@k it I don't need those pillows when really I was like crying like a little bitch inside. Got to meet Sachies and Ringo also who are very amazing and fun as well as badass cosplayers along with Carmen. Managed to find another Valkyria Chronicles 3 cosplayer and got a nice shot with him. He was even nice enough to show me the entire 3rd valkyria artbook which Is something I plan to pick up in the future.

Ringo in an adorable kigurumi, Legendary Girl as da b0$$,
and Sachie in Mio Meido hnnngghh. Was great meeting them.
Kurt Irving and Imca of Valkyria Chronicles 3. Nameless ain't playin no games today.

To conclude my Anime North 2012 experience, I'd have to say that this year turned out better than I had expected but mostly due to my costume turning out fine and all the nice new friends I made this year. Some things could've been a lot better like the Friday pre-reg but that was somewhat expected. My only regrets were not getting an autograph from Asakawa Yuu ( Hibiki Tsukahara <3), missing out on both Touhou photoshoot and panel, and missing out on other panels and highlights I had planned to attend. As for this costume, no its not going into the trash bin and yes I just might use it for AN2013 for one of the days. But mainly i'm going to take a break from low flexibility and mobility costumes and do something a little more simpler for me and my friends to group cosplay. As for other anime conventions this year I might attend a day at Fan Expo for the first or attend maybe small local ones. Not really going out far as I still have work and hobbies to do. I will be posting games and such on my blog as I plan to stream and do reviews also.

Here are some pictures I took at AN2012:

Marisa Kirisame and Reimu Hakurei from
Touhou Project
Saber from Fate/Stay Night

2 Estellise Sidos Heurassein and Yuri Lowell
from Tales of Vesperia

Gintoki Sakata the photographer :P from

Inori Yuzuriha and Gai Tsutsugami from
Guilty Crown
(possibly my favorite cosplayers this year at AN2012)

Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou Project

Saber Lily of Fate/Unlimited Codes

Mari Illustrious Makinami and Ayanami Rei from
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Touhou Project's Koumajou Densetsu doujin cosplay 
group (I love these guys <3)

Persona 4's Satonaka Chie, she loves steak.

Steiner from Final Fantasy IX, this guy was awesome.


And some random stranger I don't know who is
cosplaying my favorite touhou, Remilia Scarlet :>
Strike witches! Mio Sakamoto and Yoshika Miyafuji.
I adore these 2, really :3


  1. pffftt that cute nendoroid <3


    1. Why do i feel like this comment was written for the wrong post xD. I love that nendo and LOL yeah I think I wrote too much but honestly I didn't think I was capable of making it work but in the end the experience was quite fun.