Monday, April 09, 2012

Valkyria Chronicles 3 - Imca cosplay update 2

So there is about 2 months left and I honestly haven't gotten much progress in making the costume due to my 2nd year college course kicking me hard in the ass. But what I have been doing the past month or so was searching for supplies and getting everything prepared. I tend to be lazy sometimes on my free days; sleeping in, playing PS3, or on the laptop but I definitely have a plan this year compared to the last. So I did start with working on the barrel end of the Var which is probably the hardest part to start with the weapon but will make it easier for me to scale the rest.

Nothing too great but at least I'm getting somewhere xD. I have to fix the inside and then start adding vinyl.
A Dremel is extremely handy especially for foam, curves, and edges. Not mandatory but saves time!

Using the paper template, I cut out the specific parts I needed for the barrel out of foam and then went ahead to do the other side and so on. Even though I only had a template of one orientation, my SolidWorks drawing was able to help me make all additional pieces to create the angled parts and such. I cut the holes using an x-acto knife and smoothed them out with a dremel. I layered the inside of the foam with cardboard as it supports the foam to be more hard, and flat. I also layered the other pieces that I felt were a bit bendy and then glued everything together with a hot glue gun. This is currently where i'm standing at right now but it gets a little difficult here since I have to work on the inside of the barrel before finishing up touches and moving on the next part.

While I was out, I got some Vinyl fabric which I will be using to overlay on top of the foam. Vinyl is beneficial as it will usually come in the solid color you are looking for (NOT ALWAYS THE CASE), not be damaged by weather conditions, and provide a smooth look depending on the texture. Its a lot less tedious than doing the traditional multiple layers of coating and then painting but the disadvantages are that they are quite limited in selection and unmerciful to your wallet. You tend to be a lot more careful with vinyl since wasted pieces are kicks to the face. I also tend to resort to finding my vinyl fabric locally rather than online since the pricing isn't all that "cheaper" as I thought it would be and the shipping costs tend to be overkill especially for Canadians. Anyways here they are:

Dark grey which will be the main color of my weapon and some of my clothing parts. Even though the foam comes in a grey that is slightly lighter than this, leaving the foam for color would create an unclean look. This dark grey costs about $6.99 per yard (`A`)
Royal blue vinyl, the main color of Imca's armor and on half the parts of the var. It was difficult finding vinyl with this kind of blue and especially a flat and solid look so I was in good fortune finding this at one of the fabric shops downtown. $11.00 per yard but worth it since other places were selling blues I didn't need and at $15-25 per yard ┐('~`;)┌

Black vinyl for the armor,clothing parts and a few spots on the var. Got this at $10.00 a meter at fabric land as black vinyls tend to be more expensive due to it being a popular color, so this is actually a good find. Black is easy to find but not always in a smooth and flat look.  

Since they only sell vinyls in either per yard or meter, its always good to buy more than what you actually need rather than less to cut it off cheap. Also when you use vinyl, try to Tetris as much of the fabric as possible so you don't leave big gaps that waste the vinyl. Most importantly try to be consistent with the vinyls as having multiple vinyls and all different looks and textures will effect your costume greatly.In addition to the vinyl fabrics, I picked up some boots and a wig since I do not have the amount of hair to do Imca as well as my hair being a mix of wavy and straight so that would be tiresome waking up extra early to managed everyday.

Rubber work boots that are slightly big in the back leg region but nothing I can't fix. I will likely be foaming this up also for most part. Price wasn't expensive or as cheap so It's hard to find male military style boots that are knee high and not $80 cosplay shoes.

This is the wig I bought off ebay from someone in China. Shipping took a good month which is why you should always order in advanced especially from China in general. The wig is originally Rin Okumura's from Ao No Exorcist but it's the only wig that came close to Imca's color and style so It will take a bit of adjustments and styling. Not sure how I'll be able to pull off the tail in the back and the ahoge but I'll think of something.


  1. oooh. progress.
    I look forward to seeing how you pull the costume together c:

    1. I will be having weekly updates starting next week. Still got exams to kill and be killed by ;~;