Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tales of Graces F Review

I recently got this game for PS3. It was released here on the 13th of March and I preordered it with bonuses containing free DLC to exclusive tales of destiny 1 and 2 costumes and an exclusive PS3 theme. For a full priced $59.99 game, this is possibly one of the best JRPGs to be released for 2012 as there is a huge lack of worthwhile RPGs. For any fans of the tales series this is easily a game worth getting but also for newcomers Tales of Graces F could really get you addicted. While being a typical JRPG having you control a main character on a map system and progress a story through locations while fighting random encounters, this game has its traditional ways and highlights. Tales is best known for its multiplayer accessibility as you can play with up to 4 friends locally. In detail, the game will have 1 player control the main character to progress through the story but when encountering battles, each player can manually take control of a character via more controllers to play in real time battles making it fun for others who want to watch the game but also take part at the same time. The game contains about 50 hours+ of game play with an extra 10 hours epilogue but can take a minimum of 100-150+ hours for 100% completion and platinum trophy. Tales of Graces can be an easy or challenging game depending on the set difficulty and personally this is the most challenging RPG I've played that doesn't involve a huge grind fest. The game is fully voice activated in cut scenes and story progression excluding talking to random towns people and other background characters but the game also features additional dynamic chat logs at various points in the game. The story is somewhat slow at the beginning but it kicks in shortly. I won't go too much into the plot but the Tales series has always had a oh so typical plot line but can still pull it off to be very enjoying. The characters are quite a unique bunch compared to the other tales series as It's not as comic as Tales of Vesperia but the variety of characters are nice and it's not insanely depressing and serious like FFXIII. Animations are nice in both game play and cutscenes and the game itself plays smoothly. The soundtrack could be a lot better but I barely find myself complaining about it since it's not that bad. This game absolutely wins my love as I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who enjoys JRPGs or anime type games. Tales of Graces F is a game for those who enjoy fun RPGs with great characters, gameplay and story and is also great for playing with friends.